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The image that started it all…

OK, so I’m on a new adventure. Here is the start of it.

This is the image that started it all..This is what made me want to be a photographer…I was 14 years old and went to Canada to visit my Auntie Cynthia, Uncle James and cousins Chanel, Justin and Nik. My Aunt and Uncle own a Dance company called Motus O in the Toronto area (btw, if you EVER go there-check them out..AMAZING) and my uncle also creates all the photos/brochures/images for their company, he is a creative one. Anyway my cousin Chanel, her friend Jackie and I decided we wanted to have a photo shoot~! I mean how awesome! we get to dress up-put on make up and act like models,every 14 year olds dream!! haha…This image I LOVE LOVE <3-I can remember sitting in Chanels room, the craziness behind the camera was hilarious and just taking every moment in of watching how the lighting worked, to the angle of the camera, to the positioning of faces, eyes..! and I loved how my Uncle James simply took an ANCIENT slide projector and projected this slide for this awesome lighting….this is where it all began..this is where my passion and love for photography started, SO here is a big THANK you to my Uncle! for inspiring me to do what I love, for chasing after my dreams…for being able to capture peoples lives and freeze them, if not for a moment in time, to remember forever. I’m SO thankful to love what I do, and to everyone who has helped make it possible. So here’s to sharing my photography with you..xo

So excited to start blogging and sharing with all of you my love and passion for photography. Looking forward to fully embarking this journey with you.

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