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Sweet Dreams baby boy

one of my BIG, huge, goals for this year is to blog…I would say blog more, but let’s be honest I have blogged like three times on here. lol   I want a place where I can show my recent work, blog sessions and also a personal outlet and to be able to share my sweet family with you.


Tonight my heart ached a little, as I went to lay Will down for bed and rocked his sweet little self to sleep I got all sappy teary thinking about how freaking much I will miss this someday…I know with each day is a new beginning, babies are so amazing that way. The learning something new everyday it seems and grow like little weeds. Some days, well most days I can not believe I have three, THREE beautiful, perfect little munchkins who call me Mama. seriously my heart could burst! And there is no way to put in words how much I truly love each of them.  I remember when I was pregnant with Reed asking my mom how I could love another baby as much as I loved Maddie (my oldest)  because that love is like nothing I have EVER EVER experienced…she looked at me and said you just will. and she was completely right. I DO. I love all 3 of them so stinking much! So tonight as I put Will to sleep I went and grabbed my camera to remember this moment. To look back and remember how much I felt tonight, to remember to slow down and embrace all these moments, because they truly pass by way to quickly.


I also LOVE the feel of the black and white and all the grain in these imgaes <3




xo, Rachel

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