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Today’s thoughts…

So lately I feel like my life has been pulled in a million and one directions and I have been searching, reaching and trying to grab what direction I am suppose to go or take.

Then it hits me..WHY do we always feel like we need to do EVERYTHING right now? I am so that way…I get an idea or I want to change something and I try and do it all instantly..

I need to learn to stop. think about what I need to do. plan it. (you see often times I skip that step, the most important step, the “planning” step..and I just JUMP right into what needs to be done.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it is great to jump feet first- whole heart into something. but sometimes you just need to soak in the thought, analyze it, think it over, make a plan of action and then attack.

I’m a dreamer. I go with instinct. My husband often balances’ me out that way. I have so many dreams, for my business, for our future, for our kids, for myself. But sometimes I just need to stop and breathe…it will all happen when it’s suppose too, time will be working on my side and so often I stop and think you know my dreams already are coming true. In so many ways.

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